About us


Apiaceae Natural Products Company was established in 2021 by a group of Sudanese pharmacists headed by Dr. Mona Abdel Moneim Mohamed and others, it is considered as the first Sudanese company engaged in the production, development and distribution of natural products in the form of dietary supplements and vitamins produced according to recognized scientific methods and whose quality is measured by internationally recognized laboratories.

Apiaceae Natural Products Company aims to scientifically develop and use natural products in many fields such as health, industry, environment, research and others, as Sudan is considered one of the countries that is very rich in non-GMO plant products.

Our Story

 Apiaceae Natural Products (ANP) is a company of natural products represented by nutritional supplements, therapeutic nutrition and sports nutrition in accordance with local regulations and regulatory requirements.

This is the first Sudanese company specializing in this type of investment.

 Our services will be based on a better understanding of customer needs by leveraging the necessary human resources which is capable of providing agricultural, manufacturing and marketing services supported by scientific research, accurate analysis and approved evaluation.

Our Mission

To be a company that derives its strength from nature and to make natural products that everyone can take benefit from.

Our Vision

To be the world leader in the manufacturing of natural products from natural sources,which will be the first of its kind to ensure abetter healthy life for people

Our Objectives

- Manufacture of natural products chemical free.
- Manufacture of high-quality products.
- Leadership and excellence in Training and scientific research

Our Values






Environment Sustainability